What's new & Plan@ to MENU

Aratori's activity My (Aratori's) activity is only thorogh this site timing-progression.com for the time being, and will be planed so in the future. My music is not at all appropriate for live parformance.
I will never play in front of auduences.
My CD etc. are not also planed to be distributed by other than this site. For I should grasp 100% of copyright of my works in order to open timing data or MIDI data for the purpose of research. If recording companies have some copyrihgt, research will not be advanced.
Moving pictures In a few years my moving pictures will be taken and be avairavel to watch in this site.
Project Designing and making TP standard data converting program: converts from MIDI data into TP standard data automatically as much as possible, including TP graph displaying function. The problem is intaractiveness when interpreting front eighth note, back eighth note, unnecessary note.